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— Volume 7 — Issue 11 — Bearly Bytes Online is Published on the First of Every Month —

November 2007

Venue Change for November Meeting

Fire cleanup coordinating agencies are using the Discovery Center as headquarters, so the November Club Meeting will once again be at the Municipal Water District Building, 40524 Lakeview Drive, Big Bear Lake (Corner of Lakeview Drive and Paine). The meeting time remains the same: 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

There will be a potluck dinner at this meeting, followed by an open discussion of proposed meeting format changes planned for the new year.

November Meeting Includes Potluck Dinner

Don't miss out on the holiday potluck coming Thursday, November 15th at 5:30 pm. The door prizes will be given out every 20 minutes during the course of the meeting. We have great free door prizes for our members:

  • DVD/CD/CDRW JPEG Player with Remote by GPX
  • Microsoft Vista (of course this is the most expensive version)
  • Logitech Cordless Desktop S510 PLUS Long Battery Life
  • Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse by Nexxtech
  • 1 GB Hi-Speed Flash Drive by Lexar
  • Memorex CD/DVD LabelMaker Starter Kit
  • Champion 6 Sheet Shredder
  • Audio Zone 2.0 Amplified Speaker System by Kinyo
  • Mobile Optical Notebook Mouse by Gear Head
  • Optical Mouse by G. E.
  • CD Player by Durabrand
  • Spyware Killer Pro by Cosmi
  • Mobility Mobile Surge Protector by iConcept
  • 4-Port USB Hub by Micro Innovations
  • 25 pack DVD+R by TDK
  • (2) Comic Life Deluxe programs by Plasq

President’s Message

cleary1.jpgAs the year comes to a close, Karen Tangeman, Harry & Nancy Hinz and myself are looking forward to attending the Association of Personal Computer User Group (APCUG) Conference, January 3 - 6, 2007 in Las Vegas. As a member of the Computer Club, you too can attend. This conference is where you can get the latest computer technology from Microsoft, Corel, AVG, Internet Security, CompUSA, plus many more vendors. The cost is only $150.00 for three days which includes all your meals, workshops, presentations, and door prizes from the vendors. There will be round table discussions on: User Group Management; Computer Technology and Consumer Electronics just to mention a few.

At the Conference, there are will be three contests: Best Newsletter, Best Website and a best photographs. Wish us LUCK, as we submitted our Bearly Bytes Newsletter, our website and two photographs by Rick Edwards. Check out the APCUG website to get more information and to register.


Yomar Cleary

December Meeting is Dark!

The 2nd Tuesday of the month in December is December 11th which is too close to the holidays, therefore we will go DARK. The next meeting is Tuesday, January 8th, 5:30 pm at the Discovery Center.

General Meeting Format to Change

Thanks to our membership who conveyed their desire to have more training and less guest speakers at our meetings, we will plan training for every other month starting in January, 2008, and the odd months we will have guest speakers. Now what we need from you is what type of training do you want us to provide? We have received some suggestions, i.e. wireless routers, scanning, back-up files, Excel, and simple computer basics, which is a good start. If you have any computer topics you’d like to have discussed, call Yomar Cleary at (909) 878-5622 or email her at ycleary •

BBCC Donates Vista to Local High School

tangeman.jpgI don't know how many members are aware of how generous Microsoft has been with Big Bear Computer Club but I want you to know they have been very generous with us. In September Microsoft graciously sent us Vista Home Premium as a special drawing prize for our Christmas Party. As I promptly opened the package after delivery I noticed that something was wrong. It was in FRENCH. What to do, what to do? We decided to donate the program to Beth Renn and her French Class at Big Bear High School. In return Beth sent the Computer Club this very nice e-mail:

“Merci for thinking of us and on behalf of moi and my French students please extend a huge MERCI BEAUCOUP to the Big Bear Computer Club.”

You are very welcome Beth. And as far as our special drawing prize for Christmas; Microsoft sent us another Vista program, this time in English and it is the Ultimate Vista program. Can't get any better than that. Thank You, Microsoft!

Karen Tangeman

Nomination Committee

Thanks to Carole Allen for overseeing the Nomination Committee and providing us with the following nominees:

President — Yomar Cleary
Vice President — Karen Tangeman
Secretary — Rosemary Lloyd
Treasurer — Barbara Moore

Director-at-Large — Rick Edwards

Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the November 15th Potluck Meeting.

October Meeting Door Prize Winners


Bob Kopolow — Book, Computer Privacy Annoyances from O’Reilly
Jim Applebury — Notebook Backpack by CyberDefender
Karen Tangeman — 50/50 Winner ($19.00)
Ed Chrisman — WinDVD 7 by InterVideo
Rick Edwards — T-Shirt by Microsoft Mindshare

Product Review: Adobe Captivate 3

lloyd.jpgAdobe Captivate 3 is a program used for creating e-learning videos that can be viewed on the computer. The lessons can be saved as files that will play in Windows Media Player. They can be burned to DVD and played back on another computer. Also, lessons can be published on the web and viewed by going to a web site. Captivate 3 is best suited for computer Instructors, educators, business trainers and anyone else who wants to produce computer based learning videos. Of course, the class subject can be anything, not just computer related!

captivate.jpgThe program enables teachers to create training videos using screen captures. You can add voice -over and/or music. Tests can be included at the end of videos. Also, interactive questions can be inserted, so they are seen as the video goes along. The program is smart and intuitive. So, you start it up, click 'Record' and go through the process that you want to teach in your video. Captivate 3 records every mouse click. It coordinates that with your voice-over. When your demo or instruction is complete, click the 'Stop' button and save your lesson. Captivate 3 has many cool features that allow instructors to create professional training video files. During the recording, Captivate 3 creates a new slide each time that you click on something in your demo. In the 'Storyboard' view of the project, it puts thumbnail pictures of each slide on one screen. Slides can be moved around on the timeline or deleted. You can make changes to the recording without redoing the entire training session.

I created a video demonstrating how to use Windows Vista. In the lesson, I wanted to show the desktop screen, click on some of the icons and explain parts of the welcome screen. My idea was to do a quick demonstration like I would do in a live Beginning Computer class.

Before recording the lesson, I connected a microphone to the line in jack on my computer's sound card (using a small mixer to adjust sound levels). In the Captivate 3 set-up, I selected 'line-in' from the 'Record Narration' drop down box. Thus, I recorded my explanation of what I was doing as I clicked through the screen items. I used the program in automatic mode with mostly default settings.

Captivate 3 is very easy to set up and use for basic training videos. One of the neatest features is, of course, the automatic recording function. Once you open the program and click 'Record', it automatically captures each screen as you click on icons, buttons. links, etc. in the 'lesson' that you are teaching. When finished, you click the 'stop' button and save the project.

Another nice feature is the use of 'Auto Text Captions'. Captivate 3 automatically creates little text boxes that explain the actions you are doing as you click through the lesson. Text boxes also explain what window is opening. It is pretty accurate in describing what you are clicking on. A few times in my demo of the Vista 'Start' button, the text box said that I was clicking the 'Favorites' menu when I wasn't. Most of the time, though, the auto text was accurate. If necessary, I could go back and re-record just the part of the demo that I wanted to change.

The videos can be output in several ways, as I mentioned earlier. The great thing is that the student can view the lesson any time. The teacher also is not locked in to giving a class at a specific time or location. They make the video, get it to the students and the learner views it.

I would like specialty controls easier to find. Make changing default settings a little easier.

In creating the little demo video that I recorded with Captivate 3, I barely scratched the surface of all of the things that this program can do. The types of lessons that can be produced are numerous. You can do a simple demonstration, as I did. The student watches and listens to learn how to do something. Using Captivate 3, a teacher can create branching lessons. Their answer to a quiz question will determine what part of the lesson that they see next. The instructor doesn't need to be a computer programmer to make great interactive lessons. They just need to point and click. So, if you or your company want to create videos for computer based training yourself, Adobe Captivate 3 is an excellent tool. I would recommend it. If you use a lot of its features to make a variety of types of e-learning videos, it can be well worth the price.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price — $699.00
Special offers — Adobe offers a 30 day free trial.

System Requirements for Captivate 3

OS — Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack2, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate or Enterprise (32-bit).

RAM — 512 MB (1GB recommended).

HD Space — 700 MB minimum free space (more during installation).

Other — The CPU needs to be at least an Intel Pentium 4. Intel Centrino, Xeon, Core Duo or compatible is also acceptable. My Pentium 4 with 3 GB of RAM running Vista Business was barely powerful enough to do the program justice. It was a little slow saving and starting up the finished video. I would recommend using a Core Duo or Quad Core CPU. For publishing and recording, the computer needs Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later, Adobe Flash Player 7 or later, a microphone to record audio, speakers and a sound card.

For more information, visit Adobe’s webpage for this product.

Rosemary Lloyd

Rosemary’s experience includes software training— from developing written materials to designing and teaching classes on many programs. She is one of the people working on the Big Bear Community Computer Lab project.

Rosemary and her husband started at the beginning of 2005. SugarloafPC does training, web design and helps people with sick computers, as well as hardware installation and troubleshooting.

Review a Product for Bearly Bytes

The other day I ran into one of our members at the grocery store. After we said our hello’s to one another she said to me, "you told us that if we want to review any program all we have to do is tell you and you will get it for us." I told her that was true and asked her what program she wanted and she told me. Two weeks later, FedEx delivered Hallmark Card Studio 2008 Deluxe to be delivered to one of our members at the next meeting.

Now all this member has to do is use the program and tell us and Hallmark what she thinks about it. After that she gets to keep it. It's that easy! I can't tell you guys enough how easy it is to do a review. Why pay money for a computer program or book that you can get for free by doing a review? If there is any program or book that you are interested in reviewing, please email ktangeman • or contact me by phone or at the next meeting.

Karen Tangeman

Word Tip: Resetting Toolbars To Their Default

word.gifWord is very flexible. You can customize your working environment to your heart’s content. You can change menus, the toolbar, viewing and printing options, and many more variables. There may come a day, however, when you want to reset the Word toolbars structure to their default condition. When you do this, all the toolbar buttons and their order will be set to the same condition they were when you first installed Word.

If you want to reset a toolbar, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Customize from the Tools menu. You will see the Customize dialog box.
  2. Make sure the Toolbars tab is selected.
  3. In the list of available toolbars, select the one you want to reset.
  4. Click on the Reset button. Word displays the Reset Toolbar dialog box.
  5. Select the location or template for which you want the resetting to occur.
  6. Click on OK to reset the toolbar.
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for each toolbar you want to reset.
  8. Click on Close to dismiss the Customize dialog box.

This tip applies to Microsoft Word versions: 97, 2000, 2002, 2003 only

Excel Tip: Finding Wayward Links

excel.gifMany people are faced with the task of updating workbooks inherited from other people in their offices. In fact, you may be faced with such a challenge. For instance, let's say you inherit two workbooks which contain links to each other. You want to combine the two of them into a single workbook. When you try to do so, the links between the two are broken automatically by Excel.

There are several ways around this problem. The "manual" method is to use the Auditing option from the Tools menu to find the links in your original worksheets. You can then make note of the cells and make the changes after you move the worksheets to their final workbook. Another method that may be more automatic is to insert blank worksheets in the target workbook, and then copy the contents of the source worksheets and paste them in the new worksheets. In other words, don't use the Move or Copy Sheet option from the Edit menu. Instead, use the tried-and-true CTRL+C and CTRL+V method of cut and paste.

The result is that everything from the source worksheets is copied, without any alterations by Excel. At this point you have two ways to proceed. You can use the Find option from the Edit menu and search for all instances of the exclamation mark. This should find all cells that contain links (since exclamation marks are used in links such as BookABC!SheetXYZ!A47). You can then edit the contents of the cell directly to remove the link. You can also use the Replace option from the Edit menu to find the base part of each link and replace it with something else. For instance,you could find all instances of BookABC!SheetXYZ! in the previous example and replace it with either nothing or with a different worksheet name.

Applies to Excel 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007

Internet Tax Freedom Act Extended 7 Years

WASHINGTON, DC - CTIA - The Wireless Association® President and CEO Steve Largent issued the following statement today in response to the House of Representatives passage of the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 2007:

“Today’s vote marks a significant moment in the history of the Internet. I want to congratulate and applaud those Members of Congress who tirelessly worked to ensure that this extension did not expire. In taking this action today, Congress has wisely decided to keep the Internet tax-free for the next seven years, the longest extension in history.

“This is an important and critical step because it means that broadband services will continue to be affordable for all Americans.

“Like never before, wireless broadband applications are helping consumers of all walks of life access the information they need to compete in a global economy. In doing so, wireless broadband is helping to dramatically increase standards of living for all Americans.”

CTIA is the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, representing carriers, manufacturers and wireless Internet providers.

BBCC October 2007 Cash Flow Statement


GimpyGirls Website

We received an e-mail on September 8th from Marty Englert asking me if I would tell our members about a website called is a Lifestyle Magazine for Aging Baby Boomers, the Disabled and the Just Plain Lazy of both genders. offers solid advice, respect, and a keen sense of the absurd to people with physical limitations, regardless of personal architecture. If you, or a loved one, need to choose the right cane or need to find the best cell phone for failing eyes and ears, then The Gimpy Girls have it covered. Please check it out at

Karen Tangeman

October 2007 General Meeting Notes

Club President Yomar Cleary welcomed all of the members. Kent introduced guests. Karen talked about the review program. Karen introduced Carolina Sanabria and Alan Wallace from Cyber Defender (

Alan talked about the Cyber Defender software, a suite that includes anti-virus and anti-spyware. It will download necessary Microsoft Updates to your computer. The system is intelligent enough to possibly detect new exploits quickly, even if they have just been released. Cyber Defender is programmed to look for activity that acts like known viruses or spyware. Then the program can respond to it.

Cyber Defender is able to push out updates to all members quickly after a virus or whatever is detected. That is because it uses a peer to peer network. The network is composed of all of the members' computers as well as the Cyber Defender server. If one computer in the community detects malware, it transmits that information to the central server and to the other members.

The basic Cyber Defender program is free. It is paid for by advertisers. So, be prepared to look at ads any time that it is running on your computer (which would be most of the time). If people want extra features and service, they can sign up for one of several levels. These include unlimited tech support, including computer issues other than those directly related to Cyber Defender operation.

Overall, Cyber Defender seems to be worth trying to protect against malware.

After the presentation, Jim and Bob led the RAM Session, answering members' questions.

The door prizes were given out and we concluded another fine evening at the really nice MWD office.

Rosemary Lloyd

Our Deepest Condolences

October 2007 was a very sad month for the Big Bear Computer Club with two of our members passing away, Everett Greenberg and Jack McCarthy. They will both be missed because they both contributed to the Big Bear Community in many ways. We extend our deepest condolences to their families.