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The Big Bear Computer Club presents one workshop each month at the Big Bear Senior Center, starting in May and continuing through October. The fee is a donation of $20.00 for each workshop. Seating is limited so it is recommended that you prepay for any workshop you wish to attend in order reserve a spot.

After you register for a workshop (links below), you can make your workshop donation using a credit card at PayPal by clicking the button below. It's easy to do without any need to open an account at PayPal. Be sure to indicate which workshop date or topic you are referring to when making your $20 donation.


Your donations to the BBCC are tax deductible.


August 20th, 2018
Microsoft Excel 2016
DThe purpose of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and hands-on experience required to perform basic tasks in the Windows environment using Microsoft Excel. Students will grow in their ability to identify the fundamental functions of Excel. Design and input basic spreadsheets in Excel. There will be hands on training after each section. Sections will cover: auto fit column, row height, wrap text, merge and center, font size, percentage format, expense summary, group worksheets, page layout, print titles, and much more.

Regarding this workshop, contact Yomar at (909) 214-6990
or ycleary •
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September 17th, 2018
Library Internet Services
The San Bernardino Library System now offers internet access, allowing you to search for books, music, films, and other materials among the 34 libraries in the system. Requested materials are delivered to your local library for your pickup. You also have the added ability to do research via E-books,, and periodicals on various provided sites. Additionally, free computer stations are now available at the Big Bear Library. Hands on training will be provided for the various devices such as computers and readers. You can even apply for a library card on-line.

Regarding this workshop, contact Yomar at (909) 214-6990
or ycleary •
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October 15th, 2018
Troubleshooting your PC
We will look at basic do-it-yourself techniques to help diagnose and fix common computer issues. The presentation will address General Troubleshooting: how to check connections put a printer online, fix sound and more. Windows 10 has a built in troubleshooting app that can be very useful. We will learn what to do if you cannot log in to your computer; or if you cannot connect to the Internet. It is important to protect your system from malware. Learn how to prevent problems by maintaining your machine. What is the importance of backing up your data? How do I do it? Where do I go to ask for help with computer issues?

Regarding this workshop, contact Rosemary at (909) 547-7257
or rosemary •
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